Trybeca has been operating in the fruit world for over 60 years with a continuous innovative and open attitude towards “new flavors” and methods of cultivation environmentally friendly.


In the last 30 years, we have been specializing in the cultivation of “Nashi” or better known as Asian pear.

During all these years, our philosophy has remained the same.
We practice the same methods of cultivation used by our ancestors.

We aim at putting the soil and the trees in their best condition to offer us their fruits, without being aggressive, using natural methods.

Herbicides are not used, the thinning is effected manually and the watering system is by drip irrigation, which allows a wise use of water without any waste.

All this has allowed us to preserve the natural balance

between antagonists and parasites present in nature, in order to limit to its minimum the use of unnatural treatments.


Nashi Trybeca is a fruit with unquestionable qualities: it is low in calories, easy to digest and diuretic, despite being sweet and full of flavor.

Nashi Trybeca can be described as “water that crunches in your mouth when you bite it”.
It contains potassium and other elements important for our organism.

Furthermore Nashi Trybeca can also be enjoyed by people with diabetes.

It is crispy and juicy, with a fine, sweet and delicate taste.
Its freshness quenches your thirst and people of all ages enjoy eating it.


Trybeca has obtained the GLOBAL GAP certification.




Bronze-like color, tending to orange. Its shape is not always regular. Its flavor is sweet, well defined and with a slightly bitter aftertaste. It is very juicy and crispy.

Medium storage.



With a slightly irregular shape, its bronze color
tends to orange. It is very sweet with an aftertaste that reminds of almonds.

Good storage.



It comes in big size, perfectly
round, bronze color with a marked, sweet flavor that
reminds of walnuts. Its pulp is more consistent.

Good storage.


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